CATER DATA LLC and www.caterdata.pro is New and Live!

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CATER DATA LLC and www.caterdata.pro is New and Live!

CATER DATA LLC was forged in the state of New Hampshire in the country of the United States of America on Febuary of 2022!

www.caterdata.pro and www.caterdatapro.com are online and live starting now, the 17th of June in the your of 2022. caterdatapro.com just points to www.caterdata.pro

Yes, there is a bunch of dummy contect up on the public website so please refrain from ording new services from us without first contacting us. The exception, at the moment, is that the domain name page is ready and you may order domain names with us right now. All the content will be updated and all the services will be created shortly. We will post more announcemets for each section of the website that is ready and has services that can be ordered.

The tempory dummy content seen here now is so that the design and structure of the site could be completed ahead of time so that current customers of ScobieHosting and CATER PCB Repairs can now sign-in and manage their services, get support and pay their invoices right here at www.caterdata.pro and help facilitate the closure of those older websites.

Why does CATER DATA LLC exist? Well, we have 4 major catagories of services we provide including printed circuit board repair, cloud web hosting, data recovery and data backup services. These services were all once slipt between 4 websites at one point in time. Suffice it to say, that now, we are cosolicating all services under one online roof and merging the two current websites I talked of above into one company and online pressence called CATER DATA LLC / www.caterdata.pro 

Welcome aboard if you are new to us and we are send a big thank you to all our great and loyal customers. We love you so much!

Jason Harcus