ScobieHosting is now CATER DATA LLC

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ScobieHosting is now CATERDATA LLC

We are changing the company name and website to CATER DATA LLC and www.caterdata.pro. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we do not like the name scobie. Also, we are bringing all web hosting, data recovery, data backup and pcb repair services under one business roof and one website. This is to consolidate and make life easier for our employees and have less confusion for our clients, many of whom have multiple varying services with us.

One support ticket system, one billing system, one website and one official company. Taxes will be much easier to deal with as well, yahooo! :)

So, this is officially starting now!

All future correspondence, support, billing and purchases will all take place at CATER DATA LLC and www.caterdata.pro

If you accidentally receive a support ticket or invoice from www.scobiehosting.com then please ignore them but be sure to check things out at CATERDATA.PRO to make sure you have no outstanding invoice(s) that mat interrupt your services with us.

Thanks for being the greatest customers we have ever had! We will continue to offer only the best levels of service and support for years into the future.


Jason Harcus